Japan-Exclusive Hachiko Inspired Adidas Sneakers Will Be Out Soon!

 Hachiko Inspired Sneakers Available from September 18

Hachiko is probably the most famous canine to receive such tremendous love and support all over the world. His story of loyalty and determination is famous worldwide. 

Hachiko Statue
Statue of Hachiko Outside of Shibuya Station


Especially in Shibuya, where you can find tons of Hachiko’s status, memorabilia, and now you can get Hachiko-inspired sneakers. Adidas has partnered with Atmos, a sneaker expert from Harajuku, to bring you this fantastic pair of shoes. 

Photo: Text Trading Company Co., Ltd.

These sneakers are a revamped version of the good old Superstar Sneakers. These shoes have artificial fur on the outside to replicate Hachiko’s fur color. The heel tabs and the laces feature a subtle dark brown color that matches with the side stripes. The tongue also has some fake fur, as you can see in the picture.



The foxing of the sole has a text that has the printed address of the statue of Hachiko in front of the Shibuya’s Train Station.


Photo: Text Trading Company Co., Ltd.

Each shoe has a silver plate with an engraved Adidas logo sewn onto its tongue. The shoe comes in two variants of laces; dark brown to compliment the stripes or white to replicate the soles’ color.


Photo: Text Trading Company Co., Ltd.

The sneakers will sell for ¥ 15,000 ($137.13). They will be available online as well as in Atmos stores starting Saturday, September 18. The sneakers are now available for a pre-order lottery, which will be open till September 17. The lottery winners will be announced at 9 a.m. September 18. However, they will still need to pay for shipping and the sneakers.


Photo: Text Trading Company Co., Ltd.


Visit this website for more information about the shoes.


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