Japanese City Lights Up Candles Outside Quarantined Hotel to Show Love and Support

Residents of Katsuura, a city in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, lit up candles across the shore outside of a hotel to expose guide for masses of Japanese evacuees from Wuhan, Hubei province, China who took refuge even as on a 14-day self-quarantine.

The heart-warming moment become captured on Feb. 11 when citizens lit up candles and set them up in the shape of hearts. They laid out messages of hope for the returnees, South China Morning Post reported

Around 760 Japanese nationals were reportedly evacuated from Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak, and brought back to their home usa on Jan. 29. A general of 197 evacuees stayed at the motel in Chiba Prefecture and were installed quarantine.

Fortunately, the check results came returned terrible on Tuesday after they completed their 12 1/2-day monitoring period, consistent with Japan Times. The first institution was able to return to their homes on Thursday.

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