Go Kart Tourist Experience: Tokyo’s Best Sights from the Streets

After Japan lifted its strict restrictions and opened its borders, Tokyo’s top tourist places have never been busy like this since forever. Before the outbreak, Tokyo’s hot tourist attractions were the highly sought-after Mario Kart tour, which ran through some legal troubles in 2020. Although the original company that organized it has ended, you can still take a trip dressed( you prolly won’t be able to get costumed of Nintendo characters) in a kart and enjoy the city on your customized kart.

Here are some FAQs about street go-karting in Tokyo and some important information if you are interested in doing it in the future.

Some well-established Go-Karting Companies:

  1. Street Go Karting Experience in Akihabara by Rakuten Travel Experiences
  2. Street Kart Tokyo Bay
  3. Kart Experience in Shinjuku Metropolitan Area

Requirements/Documents you need:

First, you must be 18 years old and possess an international or Japanese driver’s license (presented with your original home driving license and passport). Other valid documents include a Sofa license for US Army members based in Japan and a driver’s permit granted in any listed countries with a translation: Belgium, Germany, France, Monaco, Switzerland, or Taiwan.


Do you want to wear the costume? Check on each tour for the appropriate costumes offered. Before your trip, you can get outfits and accessories at Hands and Don Quijote. Many tour companies will include face masks, sunshades, and helmets to provide additional security.

Even if you’re following your guide’s instructions during your trip, it’s essential to pay attention to the surroundings around you and bear some basic safety guidelines at hand. First, be aware that you use the left side of the road in Japan. In addition, racing isn’t permitted, and it is essential to be dressed appropriately (high heels or sandals, as well as long skirts, aren’t allowed).

The tour takes you around Tokyo’s streets, which can become quite bustling. The go-karts sit much lower than the typical car. If you’re driving safely and observe your driver’s instructions, you will enjoy a memorable trip around Tokyo.

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