Discovering the 4 Outermost Corners of Japan

Japan is an island of quite a unique shape. Still, its extreme edges in all four directions indicate its boundaries. Here we tell you about these four outermost parts of Japan since they’re also famous tourists place.

The Southernmost Spot of Japan


The southernmost point in Japan is Okinawa on Hateruma Island, making it the southernmost island of Japan.


It’s part of the Yaeyama Islands that is accessible via ferry. It’s a wonderful day trip starting from Ishigaki. Spending an entire day at the beach is highly recommended, perhaps hiring a bike and riding around. Nishiyama Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Okinawa.

Although you can reach the rock riding a bicycle, it’s actually quite far from the ferry stop. So, taking a bus is preferable if you really want to visit the landmark.

The Westernmost Spot of Japan

The Westernmost Point of Japan is also located in Okinawa on Yonaguni Island. This is the most western island in Japan, which is also closer to Taiwan than the rest of Japan. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of Taiwan from the island.

The best way to reach Ishigaki is via aeroplane or ferry.

In addition, you can explore and experience Yonaguni if you want to get away to a tranquil island with plenty of stunning natural beauty. Wild cattle and horses are roaming around in a free manner. Be careful when you drive!

Because it’s the most western point, you’d be the one to catch the last sunset of Japan.

The Northernmost Spot of Japan

To reach the northernmost part of Japan, you must travel in the opposite direction to Okinawa up to Hokkaido. The landmark is approximately 30km outside Wakkanai City in Cape Soya.

As with the other extreme locations in Japan, the area is quite far, yet you can catch the bus from Wakkanai Station or rent a car.

It’s stunning around the northernmost point. Since you’re already there, you might as well take a stroll around the area or drive through.

The beauty of the landscape is amazing, and the farmhouses and mountains are different from other parts of Japan. If you drive, be careful when driving. You’re likely to encounter wild deer or foxes.

At Wakkanai Station, you’ll also find the “northernmost railway” monument.

The Easternmost Spot of Japan

Let’s proceed to the most eastern place in Japan, and it’s situated in Hokkaido; however, you’ll need to go through Hokkaido to Nemuro.

It’s the one which is the most difficult one to get there out of the four, especially if you do not have a vehicle. It’s a long way out; however, it’s worthwhile.

Japan’s Easternmost train station is a few minutes from the eastmost point’s landmark.

This is a tiny station that has not much going for it. It hasn’t even got a location to purchase tickets. Right close to the monument, you’ll find an open-air observation point from which you can view what is known as the “Northern Islands” that are in Russia’s hands. When driving around, it is possible to see lots of posters written in Japanese that read “Give us back our islands!” as well as other similar things.

And there’s no doubt that the eastern point will enjoy the first sunrise of Japan. But you’ll need to rise very early to enjoy it!


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