America Is Falling In Love With Japanese Kei Trucks

Japanese innovations have captivated the world for years; however, with all the latest technology and innovative designs, no one would believe that the newest thing to create a stir in other countries is an ordinary Japanese Kei trucks that comes straight from the highways of Japan. The Kei truck is a tiny vehicle popular across Asia and has gained much attention throughout America because of its small size and versatility. 


The truth is many models are about 11 feet in length and just under seven feet tall. Their dimensions are due to the Japanese tax system, in that the smaller cars are taxed lower.

Kei trucks first came to Japan in the year 1949. They evolved from the three-wheel truck built on motorcycles, which were very popular post-World Second World War Japan. The car is tiny and comes with a little engine. With 666cc, it is roughly 50% the dimensions of smaller compact autos available. Numerous car makers have developed their version of kei trucks, including the Suzuki Carry and the Honda City, the Daihatsu Hijet, the Mazda Scrum, and the Subaru Sambar.

Although it might sound unpractical, the reality is that Kei trucks are the mainstay of countryside roads in Japan that allow farmers and everyday people to move their timber, shopping, or even food to their animals in a simple manner. They can travel at a speed that ranges from 62 up to 75mph; however, according to laws, they are only intended for rates that are 50mph.

A lot smaller than a standard truck, yet with the capacity to store more than the compact car, Americans have discovered that the kei truck fills the gap between different types of vehicles. The main issue is the rules that apply if you purchase one. The Business Insider informs us that the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency has placed limitations on some of the latest models.

Since they are restricted to 25 mph based on the state in which they are located, Pennsylvania has them certified as off-road vehicles. In contrast, California’s stringent environmental rules hinder the ability to operate a kei truck.

Many Americans think that the pros outweigh the cons of Kei trucks. The law states that Kei trucks that are brand new cannot be exported, and those that do make it into the U.S. are used, models. They are, however, usually in good condition and can be sold within a couple of years of usage by the original owners. The result is kei trucks selling for as little as $5,000, with shipping making up much of the cost.

Although they are not made for the wild American highway, the miniature size and reliable-yet-laidback spirit have conquered hearts abroad. Because Japanese exporters of automobiles are receiving increasing demands for this particular vehicle, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see a small Kei truck during the next trip to tiny towns in America.

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