A Robotic Supermarket Bagging System Is Set To Seriously Change Your Shopping Experience.

THE supermarket queue could soon be relegated to the history books thanks to new technology that can quickly scan all the items in a shopping basket at once.
Panasonic’s new “Reji Robo” system has already begun to roll out across Japan.

It works by scanning small radiofrequency ID tags which are attached to every item.
Shoppers just need to put their basket on top of a scanner.

The bottom of the basket then opens up so the items can be automatically bagged.
A run down of all the purchased items is then displayed on screen along with a total cost.

Customers then use cards or cash to pay for their shopping before heading out without having to look another human in the eye.
The technology will be used in major stores run by four different Japanese chains over the next year.
It’s hoped that every single store in the country will use the robo-cashier system by 2025.

One machine costs between $A12,200 and $24,600 to install.

The robotic future of shopping might sound dreamy if you’re a consumer, but it’s a total nightmare if you’re a shop worker or small business owner.
A third of all jobs under threat from robots, with transport, factory and shop jobs most at risk.

Amazon is another company that’s looking to do its bit to make sure humans don’t work in shops anymore.
The Seattle-based web giant is rumoured to be planning to open a robotic supermarket staffed by just three humans.

source – panasonic/asahi sinbun