Japanese Aquarium Has Found A Living Salmon Sushi

If you were to visit the Japanese aquarium “Aquamarine Fukushima,” you would meet a surprising tiny crustacean that strongly resembles the trademark Japanese food; salmon sushi. Since late July, this sea animal has been up for display, but COVID restrictions forced the aquarium to close. The staff was quite upset since they wanted everyone to … Read more

Ready-To-Drink Curry Is Now Available in Japan, By Courtesy Of Sapporo

From Horse meat to Whale meat and from natto (fermented soybeans) to shirako (fish’s sperm sack), Japan’s food taste could seem quite unusual to the rest of the world. However, everyone can agree that the variety of food you get here is marvelous. Similarly, some ready-to-eat, canned drinks, and instant foods aren’t bad either. Hence, … Read more

Japan Creates World’s first 3D-bioprinted Wagyu Beef

There are many delicious options for lab-grown meats. These include burgers, chicken breasts, and a variety of intricate cuts of steak. Osaka University in Japan has used cutting-edge bioprinting technology to create the first lab-grown beef that is comparable to the marbling texture of Wagyu cows. Lab-grown meat has advanced from humble beginnings in 2009 … Read more

Japanese Artist has created miniature dioramas for everyday For 10 Years

A Japanese artist, Tatsuya Tanaka, has come up with an incredible project to show his skills. He has a website with the project name “Miniature Calendar,” where shows his dioramas every day in a calendar format.His dioramas feature small people going through daily events like ironing, gyms, and so on. These sculptures also feature unusual … Read more

Japanese Sweet artist makes Pokemon Shaped Nerikiri and Netizens are Amazed!

JAPAN| Japan has plenty of traditional sweets and confectioneries to present to you and Wagashi will definitely pique your interest. Wagashi are sweet Japanese confections made from bean paste. Similar to marzipan, the paste can be sculpted into gorgeous little shapes inspired by the season. Making wagashi is not hard, but can be time-consuming and … Read more