Japanese Onigiri Artist Turns Your Generic Rice Into Exceptional Characters

Onigiri aka Riceballs! It’s an extremely popular Japanese snack you can never go wrong with. The traditional onigiri is either shaped like a triangle or cylindrical. However, one Japanese food artist has brought a new twist to the popular snack.

Known on Instagram as the ‘Onigiri Gekijo’ translating to riceballs theatre, the exceptional food artist turns the generic riceballs into unique characters and art.

Whether you’re a pop culture icon or an anime character, each rice ball is adorable enough to eat. Each edible creation is meticulously crafted in white sticky rice. Then details are added in sesame seeds, and bonito flaked seaweed. Some rice varieties are dyed with soy and other sauces to give each character the same color as their real-life counterparts.

Riceball Art Japanese Food Artist

Riceball Onigiri Japanese Food Artist

Onigiri Gekijo has created a delicious visual diary of food art that includes an onigiri Shiba Inu and a rice Koala. There are also a variety of edible cats with different patterns and colors. When it comes to depicting humans as food, the artist is incredibly creative. Onigiri versions Ukiyo characters, Beethoven and Leon from Leon, the Professional are just a few of her delicious options.

Riceball onigiri cat food aritst

Riceball design

Below are some of Onigiri Gekijo’s culinary creations. Check her out on her Instagram!

The artist adds their creative twist to traditional onigiri.


Source: MyModernMet

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