The Most Adorable Bird In Japan As A Delinquent Sushi

The long tailed tit (Shima Enaga) is a common sight that blends in with the snow-capped branches found on the trees of Japan’s most northernmost island, Hokkaido. However, its adorable design makes it stand out since it’s frequently described as “the most adorable bird to be found in Japan.”

It’s certainly a title that it lives up to, often resembling Pokemon and Sanrio character mascots. Don’t believe us? Just take a glance at them.

The cute birds have a large following, and, fortunately for them, there’s an account on Twitter dedicated to sharing everything long-tailed tit on a regular schedule. The account is called @daily_simaenaga.

Image Source: @daily_simaenaga

Recently, @daily_simaenaga created a viral series that recreates the long-tailed tit in the form of Japanese food items like mochi and onigiri.

However, one of their recent successes has been the transformation of rice balls into long-tailed renditions of yankii, rebellious youngsters that are often featured in Japanese school dramas and anime.

You can observe that daily_simaenaga can quite skillfully recreate hairstyles of the yankii, such as perms and pompadours making use of fish, and also their striking jackets are made of nori seaweed.


@daily_simaenaga have surpassed themselves this time by creating a cute and delicious-looking yankii sushi! With sushi toppings as hair, each rice ball represents a different personality, such as the octopus with curls.


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