Demon Slayer’s Mugen Train Will Now Serve You Sushi At Home!

With an amazing reception Kimetsu No Yaiba Mugen Train became the most grossing anime movie ever! If you think that the Mugen Train is a good enough venue for the most successful anime of all time, should it not also be the perfect location in which to have your next sushi-themed meal?

The latest Demon Slayer merch Takara Tomy’s Kimetsu no Yaiba Cho Niginigi Ouchi de Kaitenzushi Mugen Ressha-hen or Demon Slayer Super Niginigi Revolving Sushi at Home Mugen Train Version will now serve your family sushi at home! The tern Niginigi must be referring to nigirizushi. They are the slices of seafood or fish are placed on hand-pressed pieces made of rice sushi.

This anime sushi train is a locomotive powered by batteries with a removable model of Tanjiro seated on it. Behind the engine are four flat vehicles where you can put food plates (or plates of whatever food you’d like to eat). The set comes with eight plates, two of which feature Tanjiro’s distinctive black-and-green checkerboard pattern, two with the Nezuko hemp-leaf design as well as four red plates.

The additional plates will give you flexibility in the preparation process to ensure your sushi line moves quickly.

Also, you can get a scoop or mold for shaping sushi rice blocks for those who aren’t familiar with pressing them, only your fingers.


Source: Soranews24

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