Japanese Aquarium Has Found A Living Salmon Sushi

If you were to visit the Japanese aquarium “Aquamarine Fukushima,” you would meet a surprising tiny crustacean that strongly resembles the trademark Japanese food; salmon sushi.

Image: @aquamarinestaff / Twitter

Since late July, this sea animal has been up for display, but COVID restrictions forced the aquarium to close. The staff was quite upset since they wanted everyone to know of this, especially when they didn’t know of its lifespan.

The creature is visually close to a piece of salmon we see on sushi with its similar white and orange stripes on its back. The only thing that distinguishes it from Salmon sushi’s its black beady eyes and its thin legs that are translucent.

Image: @aquamarinestaff / Twitter

The fish-like creature belongs to the Genus Rocinela and has no backbone. It’s also referred as an isopod. It is only 3 centimeters long. As with the crabs and lobsters, and shrimps, it is part of the family of crustaceans.

It was fortunate that the crustacean could make it through the long, dark time of being in isolation. It welcomed visitors back on Friday as the aquarium reopened its doors.

Image: @aquamarinestaff / Twitter

This specimen comes from the city of Rausu. It lies on Japan’s most northern island in Hokkaido, with a depth of 800- 1,200 meters. And although only a few things are known about this species, its owner, Hibono, told Vice News that similar 40 species belong to the same family.

Image: Salmon Sushi


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