Japanese Mom Prepares Exceptional Artistic Dishes For Her 3 Daughters

This Japanese woman is a master at making food look beautiful.

Etoni Mama began creating fun and playful dishes to make her food more appealing for her three children, a 13-year old, an 11-year-old, and a 9-year old daughter. This woman said that food should look great and taste good. We can see that these photos prove that.

Is your mouth watering? These are some of the most delicious pieces of art you’ll ever see.

Etoni Mama told Bored Panda that she worked for a large company for 20 years. However, she found it challenging to raise children while working full time. So, she obtained a certification as a childcare worker. She is now a part-time nursery teacher.

“I made artsy food to please my second daughter, who has a very unbalanced diet. That is why I started making these dishes.”

Etoni Mama is a master at kyaraben, making food look like famous people, animals, plants, and people. You can find Woody, Minions, and Nemo in her creations.

Surprise! Etoni Mama takes around an hour to prepare and decorate one meal. This is a testament to the fantastic skills and experience Etoni has accumulated over the years in preparing meals for her children.

The ingredients inspire Etoni. Etoni comes up with a character to cook her meals based on the product type. The woman can create almost any character, from the little mermaid to Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story. The most important thing is the taste of your food.

Etoni said that no matter how excellent these meals are, her children are used to them. They will sometimes give criticism if they don’t like the dish.

Etoni stated that her goal was to get kids to eat lots, even as adults. It is only natural to wonder what Etoni will prepare for her grandkids.

Etoni loves this craft, so she shares her creations with her children and with others. Etoni has over 180,000 Instagram followers, who can’t hide their admiration for her skills.

She has also published a cookbook where she shares her knowledge about making everyday meals more fun and appealing. This book is a lifesaver for parents!


Source: BoredPanda

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