Zero Two Nasi Kandar Restaurant In Tokyo Is So Popular That It’s Constantly Sold Out

Nasi Kandar restaurant is creating waves in Tokyo following its opening in the middle of this month.

nasi kandar tokyo restaurant

Zero Two Nasi Kandar Tokyo was founded and is managed by a Japanese man known as Tateda who travelled to Malaysia and became a fan of Nasi Kandar, as per the report of Japanese Heart.

It is believed that he owned a South Indian establishment in Osaka and would travel to India frequently. However, while he was in Malaysia, he tasted the curry served in Nasi Kandar and noticed that the taste was very different from the other ones he’s tried.

Zero two nasi kandar restaurant in Tokyo

He finally decided that he would open a Nasi Kandar eatery in Tokyo on February 1. The restaurant has grown so popular that it seems to be constantly packed out.

On the first day of the event, the restaurant apologised for selling out. Other postings on the restaurant’s Facebook show that the restaurant has sold out quite frequently.

The chef who is responsible for the meals is Kazue. She posted her thoughts on Facebook that they were working hard to give the restaurant an authentic Malaysian style before opening. There’s even a Nasi Kandar neon lighting at the entrance to give it a more authentic look and feel.

It has a range of halal-friendly curries and many food items, including cuts of lamb, raita stir-fried cabbage and prawns, and crispy chicken.

Similar to the Nasi Kandar restaurant in Malaysia, customers can pick between white rice and Nasi Briyani. Customers can select three or more vegetables, two curries, and one main food item.

Prices range from 1,000 yen to 1,980 yen. Based on the advertisement, the sides cost in the range of 100 yen and 550 yen.

The restaurant also offers chai, lassi and 100PLUS.

If you’re in Japan and want to go to Zero Two Nasi Kandar Tokyo, It’s situated near Otemachi and Chiyoda. It’s open all day from 11.30 am until 8.30 evening every day.



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