Japanese Sculptor Creates Amazing Fish Sculpture Out Of Broccoli

Japanese artist Gaku ( @gaku_carving) has been captivating many recently with his beautiful work crafted using the art of Thai fruit carving. Gaku typically applies their knife to the fruit to create stunning intricate and elaborate carvings, but recently, they wowed people with an incredible falcon sculpture made from broccoli.

Source: @gaku_carving

Gaku’s choice of broccoli as his canvas and color palette seems fantastic. This time, they’ve created an impressive piece of aquatic life that looks as if it came straight from the river!

Japanese food sculptor

Source: @gaku_carving

According to Gaku, the intricately-carved fish sculpture took about three hours to create. The most important thing was shaping the bristly and usually fuzzy nature of broccoli blossoms into something more smooth, specifically in the area around the tail.

The intact portion doubles as an epic and impressive tail and aesthetic effect of the fish making a massive splash of water when it emerges from the ocean.

For more stunning carvings of vegetables and fruits, make sure to be following Gaku on Twitter! 

Food sculpture Artist japanese apple

Source: @gaku_carving


Food Carving sculptor

Source: @gaku_carving


Source: Grapee.jp

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