Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Felt Sculptures That Look like Little Cute Loaves Of Bread

Artists from all over the globe have created beautiful sculptures that resemble actual food items and sodas, diverse kinds of birds, and even woodland creatures. Today, Hiroshima-based artist Atelier Hatena celebrates the irresistible charm of freshly baked loaves of bread through a series of delicate felt creations.

felt bread Japanese loaves

From a deliciously crispy croissant to golden baguettes, these small pieces of art are available with a wide variety of bread. However, what makes these artifacts so appealing is the inclusion of four tiny legs beneath each bread. This fun and playful addition transform real-life renditions of the beloved food staple into cute little creatures that can rise and stand in front of the tables.


felt sculptures bread loaves

Atelier Hatena showcases the fun of these sculptures by taking photos of them in various postures. They can be positioned on the top of a mug’s rim or tucked into a tablecloth, and they appear pretty enough to consume.


You can buy original felt sculptures from Atelier Hatena through Minne and stay updated on the latest creations of the studio by following the studio via Instagram account and Twitter.

bread felt sculptures


bread sculptures felt


Source: Mymodernmet

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