93-year-old Japanese ex-taxi driver becomes YouTube legend at racing games-His Skills Are Unbelievable!

It’s never too late to start something new, especially at a late age. That’s what this 93-year-old grandpa from Japan is currently experiencing. From a former taxi driver to a virtual racer, his experience never ages.

His retirement might stop him from doing his passion, but a new digital opportunity has livened up his spirit to try driving once again, but this time in front of a computer screen.

(Photo : じんのすけ@ネットサーフィン見聞記 (@netken_jin) via Screenshot fromTwitter)

A 93-year-old grandpa who is a former taxi driver is now enjoying his best life– playing a racing sim game on YouTube
According to a report by Unilad on Sunday, May 16, the viral video of a grandpa playing a racing sim game has circulated online. It was first uploaded on YouTube by his grandson.

In the video, the 93-year-old gamer seems to show no signs of slowing down when it comes to his grip and movement. We could surmise that from his good old days, he is one of the best racers of his generation. Indeed, he has driven several Japanese car models over the past years thanks to his experience as a taxi driver.

During the first course of his racing game, his grandson has chosen the Mazda Savanna RX7–the car that he used to own in the 1990s. While there is a disparity between physical and virtual driving, it appears that he is still a master in maneuvering his car that was sold over 20 years ago.

Since he sat in the gaming chair, he has used a wide array of classic luxury cars including Ferrari and Lamborghini, and even domestic cars such as Nissan GTR. Currently, he’s experimenting with utilizing more sports cars.

According to a report by Kotaku, the Japanese gamer was once a taxi driver in the streets of Tokyo in the 1960s. Before that, he worked as a garbage truck driver for nearly twenty years.

Upon knowing his grandpa’s former occupation, he came up with the idea of letting him play in front of the computer. His discovery has led to a nostalgic reunion of his granddad with his hobby.

To make things more amazing, he bought a gigantic flatscreen monitor for his grandfather. From his rusty and outdated school laptop, he upgraded his gaming setup so that his grandpa’s experience will be much more alive.

Fans from all around the world have caught his attention, and numerous requests have flooded his YouTube channel. They requested that the viral grandpa should try driving more cars.

According to one commenter, the 93-year-old grandpa is his role model. He said that when he retires, he wants to be like him. Another person admired the old man’s skills in playing a video game despite his age.

People of the internet are not the only ones to have seen what the “ancient” driver was doing. Additionally, some companies have pledged to send him neck cushions and other products that will help his comfort while playing virtual racing games.

The video was first uploaded on January 30, and has currently over 500,000 views on YouTube. Lately, it is continuously appearing on different social media platforms.

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