Bonsai Trees made through Crocheting by a Japanese Artist


Japan is often referred to when anything related to Bonsai is brought up in talks. Bonsai is not a specific species of tree, rather it’s an art of growing trees and shrubs in such a way that it gives the impression of being a full-sized matured tree.

And while thinking about Bonsai trees did you ever have thought of Crocheted Bonsai trees? The majority of you guys definitely would say no to that but a Japanese Artist has made that a reality.

Atelier Euph creates such varieties of daily objects that you would never imagine could be made from Crocheting! She recently has made an astonishing crocheted version of a Bonsai tree and it looks amazing.

It would be a perfect washable decoration for your home. It’s fully made up of wool and does not require any sunlight or any watering. It also has a base that is round and made to look like a pot. She also has given different colors to different leaves according to the branches to represent the different seasons.

Here are some images of the wonderful creation along with other of her famous creations from her Instagram!

She follows a crochet technique called “Amigurumi” which means to create beautiful stuffed animals by knitting! She definitely has talent in that department! Her works are also put up for sale on her site!

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