Japanese Company’s New Ketchup Doesn’t Separate And Stays Smooth

Have you ever had this happen to you with some ketchup inside a bottle?

You take the ketchup from the fridge and open the lid, place it up upside-down over your food Give the bottle a vigorous squeeze; the next step is to “SPLURT “… A mix of specks of ketchup as well as liquid spills out, and sometimes you even get some on your clothing.

If that’s the case, you’re not by yourself. Japanese producer of condiments Ikari Sauce Co., Ltd has received numerous requests from customers wanting to improve their famous ketchup, so its first pour, once removed from the refrigerator, isn’t thin and liquid.

Tomato ketchup is made of essential ingredients like onions, tomatoes, vinegar, salt, herb, sugar, spices, etc. So, when it is kept in the refrigerator, the liquids will separate from the solids, and when you flip your bottle over and begin pouring it, the liquid will come out first.

The sauce company paid heed to their customer’s outcry and has developed an advanced version of the ketchup named “tomato Ketchappu 280,” which can remain consistent for a longer time. They claim that the solids and liquids don’t easily separate on the enhanced version in comparison to their standard ketchup.

Selling point for the new ketchup: 

  • Ketchup based solely on natural ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, and tomatoes is simply spiced with vinegar, salt, sugar, spices, and herbs and doesn’t break down easily between liquid and solid components.


  • A refreshing taste with a fresh aftertaste and a silky texture adds flavor to food.


  • Get a taste of the refreshing aroma of fresh tomatoes, spices, and herbs like Thyme and Nutmeg.


Source: Grapee

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