Japanese Restaurant’s Seafood Curry Makes Koreans Rage

In the recent news, the seafood curry served at a Japanese restaurant has again stirred up the ever going conflict between Japan and Korea.

Seafood curry

Guardian reported that the curry came with two piles of rice in the shape of the disputed Takeshima islands between the two countries; Japan and South Korea.

The restaurant didn’t stop the taunts just there. They raised a Japanese flag onto the rice supporting Japan’s claim over the islands. The restaurant has brought up the islands mainly because it lies on Japan’s closest island of Okinoshima to the Takeshima islands.

Disputed islands between Korea and Japan
The disputed islands

Apparently, the Koreans did not receive the dish well. Dong-A-Ilbo, a South Korean professor, sees the restaurant’s dish as a lowly trick to promote Japanese claim on the piece of land.

South Korea isn’t the only Korean country criticizing this move. A North Korean official news site Uriminzokkiri saw this move as a provocation to engage in military action.

Okinoshima Island
Okinoshima Island

The curry incident may be the latest one to sour the Japan-Korea relationship, but it is not the only incident that has ever taken place. South Koreans also protested against the map of Japan, which included the islands, displayed on the official 2020 Tokyo Olympic website, according to JoongAng Daily.

According to the Korean Herald, Japanese officials reportedly protested in 2017 after Koreans served shrimp caught in Dokdo waters during a state banquet during the visit of former United States President Donald Trump to South Korea.


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