Japanese White Strawberries That Cost 10$ Per Piece

Even if you were a strawberry enthusiast, how much would you be willing to pay for a single strawberry? Well, if you want to have the best Japanese strawberry, then you have to spend about 10$.

Japanese customers don’t hesitate to spend the money, looking for a unique variety with luminous white color and a considerable dimensions of up to 50 grams, as stated by John Daub of the web series Only in Japan. This rare variety of strawberries is called Shirou Houseki, also known as White Jewel, and sold for 1080 yen apiece.

Produced by a single farmer within the Saga precinct, Tejima San breeds between different varieties to create The White Jewel and limits their exposure to the sun. In addition to the rarity of the final selection, only ten percent of the White Jewels cultivated will remain white after exposure to sunlight and despite having less anthocyanin than standard strawberries.

Japanese expensive white strawberries

When the tiny portion of milky white berries is successfully grown to size, and you could say, lacking color, the berries are wrapped in a luxurious and covered set, reminiscent of the most expensive set of earrings. Daub pointed out that The White Jewels are usually bought as an extravagant present.

Daub tried the berries himself and stated that they tasted like sugary strawberries, similar to candy with a “hint of pineapple.” To find out more regarding White Jewel, white strawberries, and other famous Japanese varieties, take a look at the video below.

Japan is not a stranger to producing unique fruits for an astronomical price; however, the question is whether we’ll ever witness this kind of popularity in international markets where consumers can taste the $10 fruits of our own.


Source: Andnowyknow

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