This Japanese Hotel Has A Beer Tap In Rooms And Offers Free 10-Litres of Craft Beer!

It’s always lovely to stay in the hotel and find that the facilities include an assortment of beverages waiting within your rooms. It could be a packet of readymade coffee, tea bags, or the available bottled water that will quench your thirst; these complimentary items are always welcome.

However, there’s a place in Japan that takes this idea to a completely different level, possibly the most delightful achievable, by installing a tap that gives only beer in every room and offering guests a large amount of free beer.

The Villa & Barrel Lounge that opened not so long ago in the Shizuoka City of Shizuoka Prefecture came up with such an ingenious idea. You might think this might be a lot of trouble for a hotel to run such a tap all the time for the guests. You might not be surprised after you learn that the hotel is a new endeavor of West Coast Brewing, a well-established beer business that’s right across the hotel.

Therefore, with such a short distribution line and all five rooms come with their own glorious beer tap and a supply of 10 Liters of West Coast Brewing’s beer every night, free of charge. Furthermore, the variety of beer is exclusive to the hotel and is not available elsewhere.

Ten liters is greater than 17 pints or 28 cans of beer, which is more than enough for a night of a decent-sized group of people. But you don’t necessarily need to finish all that during your stay, as you can also take the leftover beer back with you. Any beer left in the container can be taken to your home if you own the growler (essentially an insulated bottle to store carbonated beverages like beer).

If you need more alcohol during your stay or are just looking for a new experience and an opportunity to socialize with the locals, the first floor, known as “The Barrel Lounge,” is a West Coast Brewing taproom.

If you’d like to stay a night in this beer heaven, here’s a link to make a reservation.

The Villa & Barrel Lounge

Address: Shizuoka-ken, Shizuoka-shi, Suruga-ku, Mochimune 2-26-1


Source: JapanToday

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