Japan Has Invented A Way Of Making Trains Safe For… The Photos Explain Everything.

Japan is known for being an incredibly safe, clean, and respectful country to live and travel in — and now, those perks don’t just apply to humans.

The West Japan Railway Company and Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan have recently joined forces to make trains safer — not for humans, but for turtles. According to railway representatives, the tracks’ close proximity to the ocean means that several turtles per year get stuck in the tracks and cause delays, sometimes even damaging the trains themselves. The turtles get trapped between the metallic rails and can’t climb out, eventually being crushed.To prevent that, the railway has come up wit a solution: Creating little escape ditches for the turtles along the tracks.

Here’s what the track looked like before: The turtles could get caught in between the permanent rail and the switch rail.

Suma Aqualife Park

And here’s the genius solution: A little trench so that the turtles can cross risk-free.

Suma Aqualife Park

Time will only tell if this solution will be implemented in other critter-populated areas, but needless to say, it’s a definite pro for all parties involved.

Look at these pathways made for English ducks.

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