Japanese artist draws amazingly lifelike cheetah with only color pencils

We’ve covered a few artists able to producing amazingly sensible works of art by analog means. For example, Kei Mieno’s photorealistic paintings of ladies and Kohei Ohmori’s pencil-drawn can of Asahi Super Dry which seems good enough to drink.

And then there’s 19-year-antique Haru Otomi 音海はる (actual name: Haruki Kudo 工藤陽輝) (@huwahuwa1_25) who draws animals which seem like they might soar out from the web page using handiest coloured pencils. As we saw ultimate year, he seems to have an aptitude for felines, drawing an exceptionally sensible cat example that we desire we ought to pet.

Now, he’s finished it again, and this time with a far large member of the cat family. Armed with best his pencils, his prodigious talent, and lots of patience, he drew the wonderful cheetah below, reproduced with Haru-san’s kind permission:

Can’t consider it’s now not a picture? Here’s an in-process picture which proves it is an instance

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