Japan’s vacuum-sealed wedding photos are absolutely breathtaking

When it comes to nuptial photos, it’s rare that we get to see a concept that’s never been done before. But Tokyo-based photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi has come up with one that will – literally – take your breath away.

His ongoing series, entitled Flesh Love, features bizarre portraits of couples tightly encased inside vacuum-sealed plastic bags. According to Kawaguchi, it’s a way for people to express “how close and in love they are.”

Flesh Love

The process involved is quite simple, albeit risky. The couples are first covered in lube to avoid friction with the plastic. A vacuum then sucks out all the air inside, sealing the lovebirds in an uncomfortable cocoon of love.

Kawaguchi then runs to his camera to snap two quick photos before telling his assistant to open the bag. The pairs have to hold their breath for 10 seconds or more, before being handed a can of oxygen. A medic is also on standby just in case things go awry.

Flesh Love

Despite the dangers present, Kawaguchi shared that the concept is becoming popular with newlyweds looking for unique wedding pictures.

“Men and women are attracted to each other and they try to become one,” he explained. “With my pictures, I try to show this power of love by getting the couples as close together as possible. The less distance there is between them, the stronger the power of love.”

Flesh Love

To know more about Kawaguchi’s work, you can check out his website.

Flesh Love

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