Swimsuit idols that you can date and marry

Swimsuit Idols That You Can Date and Marry

Pop idols exist in this strange space between reality and fantasy. While they are living, breathing individuals, they are set on a pedestal and rarely get to interact with people one on one. While groups like AKB48 may be tied to a certain location to serve as a symbol of pride for one area’s people, outside of meet and greet events, fans cannot really get to know them. Of course, the biggest taboo of all is for a pop idol and a fan to begin dating.

But one brave group has decided to step forth from the binds of their image. Meet the members of the idol group Happening Girls. These four lovely ladies depicted here are unique in the idol community because they are allowed to foster relationships, date, and even marry their fans.

The four eligible idol bachelorettes from left to right are Manaka (20), Saaya (22), Kaori (26), and Eri (25). While it is true that any gentleman smooth enough to capture the heart of one of these four ladies may date and marry her, there are still conditions. While fans are free to meet with idols during their private hours,

the group’s producers at Kandou TV encourage fans to first take part in meeting the idols through the marriage interviews which will occur after live events. Kandou TV also reserves the right to produce, record, and televise any part of the relationship from the first meeting, all the way up to the wedding itself, which will of course be organized by Kandou’s subsidary bridal company.

Swimsuit Idols That You Can Date and Marry2

If that was not enough to win fans over to the revolutionary new style of Happening Girls, here is another incentive. You may have noticed the interesting choice in attire that the four current members of Happening Girls. While it may first appear to be a quirky wardrobe based publicity stunt,

you may be interested in the fact that Happening Girls is the only year-round swimsuit idol group in all of Japan. As their official page states, this group was born of the fact that “men love swimsuits” and that “there is no other swimsuit idol group in existence” anywhere.”

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Happening Girls is currently taking applications from any young women who might be interested in becoming one of the world’s only swimsuit idol group members.

The conditions are as follow: the applicants in question must be at least a first year in high school but be no more than 30 years in age, live in the Tokyo area, be able to attend all live appearance events, and above all, they must be comfortable singing and dancing in a swimsuit.

However, unlike the four ladies noted earlier, it is unclear at this point as to whether or not the rest of the group will be available for courtship and potential fan marriage.

The current members of Happening Girls will be having their debut live event at AkibaDrug & Cafe on September 23 at 8:30PM. After the concert, the idols will be free to mingle with their fans. If all goes well, it may be the start of several beautiful relationships.

[Via Hachima Kikou]

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