700-Year-Old Lost Japanese Katana Was Found In Australia

Etchu Norishige was Japan’s most famous swordsmith in the 14th Century. Norishige’s Forge was located in Nei, Toyama Prefecture. From there, he supplied the finest quality katana to the warriors of Japan’s Kamakura period.Norishige’s most impressive weapons were made with great skill, and they lasted for centuries. Shimazu Norioki was the 27th samurai Lord of … Read more

Japanese World War II Soldier Shoichi Yokoi Hid 27 Years In Forest To Avoid Being Captured By Americans

When Japanese sergeant Shoichi Yokoi returned to Japan after nearly three decades on the run, his primary emotion was regret. He said that his return was full of embarrassment. Yokoi, then 56, had spent the previous 27 years surviving in the jungles of Guam, where he had fled to avoid capture when American forces in … Read more

Genetic Research On Teeth Proves That Native Americans Did Not Come From Japan

After examining the ancient teeth of Japanese and Native American ancestral groups, scientists found no close relationship. Until now, researchers suspected that Native Americans were related to the Jomon from Japan alive about 15,000 years ago. Archeological studies of various findings across these two landmasses also suggested the same thing back then. However, new genetic … Read more

Japanese People Have DNA That Resembles With 3 Ancient Populations!

A new analysis of ancient DNA, changes how we understand Japan’s genetic ancestry. It identifies a significant contribution by people who arrived around 1,700 years ago and revolutionized Japanese culture. Research announced back on Friday revealed that Japanese have genetic resemblance to three ancient populations instead of two. This suggests a more complicated ancestry for … Read more