10 Best Car Rental Services In Japan

Japan is a popular destination for travelers, but it’s often overlooked because of the high travel cost.

It’s a great place to get to know and experience first-hand the best of both tradition and modernity.The most touristy places in Japan are a delight for the senses. You can have dishes that you might not get anywhere, with the great traditions found in every corner and modernity that can sometimes seem overwhelming. It’s a mix of tradition and modernity that can make it a memorable experience that you will want to return.

However, renting a car in Japan is scary. The train is the most popular way to travel in Japan. Renting a car in Japan has many benefits. Search for cheap flights and hotels in Japan, and then choose your car rental company!

To help you find the right car rental company in Japan for your next trip, we have tried to gather a list of better car rentals. This might help you make your next booking for a car a lot easier.

#1 – Nissan Rent a Car

Image: Nissan Car Rental (South of Osaka Station on the 1st floor of the Umeda Maru Building)

Nissan Rent-A-Car Japan has a total of 360 offices in Japan. These agencies are located in strategic locations for all itineraries. You can never go wrong with Nissan. You will find the right car and rental deal for you, whether you’re traveling with a partner or a family. An English GPS is also available if you don’t know Japanese.

English website: Nissan Rent-A-Car

#2 – Times Car Rental

Times Car Rental has an extensive network of locations throughout Japan, including all significant Shinkansen stations and airports. It offers vehicles from various brands like Toyota, NISSAN, or MAZDA and imported cars like Jaguar, Land Rover, and BMW. Many options are available: small cars for families and minivans for large groups and luxury cars for wealthy clients. Times Car Rental customers can rent vehicles with peace of mind because they have access to customer service in 10 languages.

#3 – Nippon Rent-A-Car

Nippon Rent-A-Car, Japan’s reference company for car rentals, has 85 agencies throughout the country. There are offices in all major Japanese cities. You can make online reservations, and the website is fully translated into English. It allows you to find contact information for each agency through a map. A hotline is available for English-speaking people between 9 a.m. & 5 p.m. The company provides a clean, comfortable, smoke-free car rental. Customers can pick up the vehicle at any of the offices in the city and return it to another office, depending on their needs and itinerary.

English Website: Nippon Rent-A-Car

Japanese Website: Nippon Rent-A-Car


NICONICO Rent-A-Car is located in many Japanese train stations and airports: New Chitose Airport(Sapporo), Tokyo International Airport(Haneda), Narita International Airport (Narita International Airport), Shin-Yokohama and Fukuoka Airports, Nagasaki Airports, Kagoshima Airports, and Center-Minami Station.
These airports offer complimentary shuttle services to customers who rent. The company provides a wide range of vehicles, including compact cars, minivans, small camping cars, large cargo vans… All come with GPS support, insurance, and a Safety Plan option.

English Website: NICONICO

#5 – Toyota Rent-A-Car

Toyota has more than 1,200 car rental agencies throughout Japan. Internet reservations are only possible in Japanese, however. Toyota cars offer the best of both worlds: a large SUV, a sturdy truck, or a fuel-saving hybrid for rental. You can choose the best vehicle for you.

You can use the vehicle to travel out of town on an excursion or for business purposes in another city. Renting a Toyota car is always a brilliant idea. Toyota cars have all the power, smooth curves, comfort, and performance you expect from this brand. Toyota vehicles also feature the most up-to-date technology to make driving more enjoyable and efficient.

Website: TOYOTA (There are multiple language options in a single website)

#6 – Smile Rental Car

Smile Rental Car is a company that offers weekly and month-to-month rentals of a wide range of vehicles, including small cars and vans that can fit up to 10 people. You can also earn miles depending on how much you spend on rental car charges (100 yen spent on car rentals = 1 miles). This company is suitable for Japanese-speaking people who have been to Japan in the past. They can feel at home with a local rental car agency that caters to their needs.

Website (Japanese Language only) : Smile

#7 – Budget

The Budget has offices in 120 locations and 35 prefectures in Japan. There are many non-smoking options so the car doesn’t smell bad. All vehicles come with GPS and an ETC card reader. You can add snow tires and a child seat to your car. Clients get a 25% discount on any regular price and two reliable and complete insurance policies! You can design your itinerary, pick up your vehicle and leave it at any location within the company.

Website had multiple language options: Budget

#8 – Hertz

Hertz Japan offers a broad range of vehicles, including hatchbacks, compact cars, executive saloons with intelligent features, convertibles, minivans, and more. This company can provide car hire services for your stay in Tokyo and other Japanese cities. The renowned car rental company offers everything you need. This includes high-end cars in the Prestige Collection and fuel-efficient hybrid cars in the Green Traveler Collection. You can rent a vehicle equipped with emergency roadside assistance and navigation systems, regardless of whether you drive in large cities or unfamiliar roads.

English Website: Hertz

Japnese: Hertz

#9 – JR (Japan Railways) Rent-A-Car

You can travel to any place in Japan via the Shinkansen bullet train. However, many travelers prefer to visit attractions that are not on the main roads. Driving is so much more fun! Unless you’re super-wealthy, you can’t drive Japan all the way. You must travel by train or subscribe to Japan Rail Pass. You will be able to enjoy special discounts on car rentals at Eki Rent-a-Car offices located in or near most major Japan Rail stations. It is valid no matter where you are located in the country. All you need is a good train ticket. Travelers will find it much easier to navigate in Eki cars thanks to the GPS navigation system.

English Website: JR Rent A Car

#10 – SKY Rent-A-Car

If you land in Okinawa for your trip to Japan, then SKY Rent-A-Car provides a free shuttle bus to the office. It takes just 15 minutes to reach the office and then you can take your car on a trip through Japan. You have the option of a range of light vehicles (“Kei”) or station wagons. You can rent any car with navigation systems. The customers are responsible to provides ETC Cards. You have the option to request an ETC Card if you have special requirements, such as a car seat for children or a vehicle that is not a smoker.

Website: Sky Rent A Car

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