10 Japanese tattoos with incredible meaning

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo but you still can not decide on the design, you should see these Japanese examples, maybe one of them will become your next tattoo.

10. Zen or enso represents the universe and emptiness.

9. A Geisha means mystery and intrigue, as well as femininity and admiration.

8. Cats represent fortune, many are tattooed to attract financial fortune.

7. The lotus flower is the representation of purity, beauty and eternity.

6. Anime characters can be a great option.

5. Koi fish are representative of Japanese culture and represent overcoming and self-realization.

4. Cherry blossoms can mean femininity, delicacy, fertility, spring, youth and innocence as well as hope, power, sweetness and love.

3. Koi fish swimming down represent obstacles and struggles that have not been overcome.

2. Japanese dragons represent strength, power and wisdom.

1. The letters look elegant and mysterious, just make sure they say exactly what you want.

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