10 Reason You Don’t like Japan (Part 1)

1. Long lines for ramen

Japan’s restaurant market is extremely competitive. There’s a trendy aspect to it.

If a restaurant gets a few good reviews it will have long lines. The shop next door may be completely empty.

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Long lines are most common for B-class gourmet foods like ramen.

The dilemma for the traveller is to join or not to join (the long lines). Locals will tell you that exceptional B-class restaurants are worth the wait.

2. Masks

If you get a cold or flu it’s considered rude not to wear a mask.

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3.. Squat toilets

Asian squat toilets are somewhat difficult to use when you’re not accustomed to them.

You’ll use muscles you never knew you had.

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4. Uniforms

It often feels as if everyone in Japan is wearing a uniform. Even salary men wear a uniform of sorts — black suits.

For the tourist, it’s possible to feel very left out.

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5. No tipping

You shouldn’t tip in Japan. You may learn to like this. Most Japanese staff will consider a tip demeaning.

You’ll quickly find the lack of tips doesn’t affect the level of service.

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6. Reserving a seat with your purse

In Japan people reserve a seat at restaurants and cafes by leaving possessions on the table. This may seem like cheating when you’re not accustomed to it.

However, it’s a well established local custom.
Japan is so safe that people sometimes use their wallet or purse for this purpose.

Here a woman has left her wallet in plain view and gone to restroom.

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7.Smoky restaurants

Japanese restaurants (particularly izakaya and cafés) can be smoky. Some restaurants don’t have non-smoking sections.

However, things have improved a great deal over the past 10 years.

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8. Natto

Natto are unpleasant fermented beans that are a popular breakfast food in much of Japan.

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9.Crowded trains

Crowded trains can be a big culture shock for some people. However, many visitors find it’s not that bad. It’s important to avoid carrying big bags on a crowded train — this can be a real nightmare.

If your schedule is flexible avoid rush hour. Otherwise, Japan has an excellent baggage delivery system called takkyubin. It’s cheap, fast and reliable.

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