16 Creative But Weird Gadgets Only The Japanese Can Invent

creativeWish you had a magical chair that you can carry wherever you go and use it during rush hour? Well, In Japan, you actually can. There is an ingenious creation of a simple chair to satisfy your sitting needs whenever you’d like. Too bad you are not in Japan, though, because they invent new stuff every single day. I’m just jealous. Although, when you think about it, most of these are both weird as much as they are creative. No tentacles this time, don’t worry.

Here are some awesome ideas for strange, but smart inventions.

1. Back scratch T-shirt

Back scratch T-shirt

I’m dying! You can now show your friends exactly where they should scratch.

2. Cupman lid holder

Cupman lid holder

This one is a little temperature-sensitive figure that lets you know when your noodles are ready. He is cute!

3. Portable commuter seat

Portable commuter seat

You will never have to worry about finding a seat on a crowded bus anymore!

4. Bubble wrap keychain

Bubble wrap keychain

Two words: bubble popping! You know the satisfaction…

5. Roll-up shoes

Roll-up shoes

These flexible shoes can wrap around your feet. You don’t have to tie anything…

6. Napkin pants

Napkin pants

We’ve all been there! Wipe your hands on the back of your pants with ease now that these have been created.

7. Chopstick fan

Chopstick fan

And you will no longer burn your lips again!

8. Air-conditioned shoes

Air-conditioned shoes

Keeping your feet cool on hot summer days almost felt like a dream. Now it’s reality!

9. One-click ctrl+alt+del tool

One-click ctrl+alt+del tool

Hit the three-key combo in one quick move.

10. Butter stick

Butter stick

Can I just say I need this in my life? This one is better than any knife put on butter!

11. Thumb extension

Thumb extension

Extend the length of your thumb to navigate your smartphone easily!

12. Subway sleeper hat

Subway sleeper hat

You can finally take a quick nap on the train! It also lets fellow passengers know when to wake you up so you never miss your stop.

13. Ever-ready tissue dispenser

Ever-ready tissue dispenser

Allergy headset kit is available all day to help you out with sneeze attacks. Goodbye, runny nose!

14. Chopper hand

Chopper hand

Never cut a finger again with this magical invention!

15. Umbrella tie

Umbrella tie

The problem of unexpected showers is solved!

16. Sound-catcher pillow

Sound-catcher pillow

Watch your favorite TV shows, rest your head comfortably, and never miss a sound!

Here is a more extensive list of Japanese inventions for you.

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