196 Countries Are Getting Represented In Ambitious Kimono Project For Tokyo Olympics

Japanese organization Imagines Oneworld, Inc. was working to promote the beauty and craftsmanship of olympic kimono, while striving to bring unity to the myriad cultures around the world.

Yoshimasa Takakura, the head of the project says, “I’ve always wanted to restore the pride and confidence of craftspeople, my dream is to see the people leading delegations wearing (the kimonos) at the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Games.”

Dyeing craftsmen, textile manufacturers weaving professionals, and more have come together to make the garments with the help of Embassies, schools, and the public.

The Imagine Oneworld Kimono Project is a grand plan to make 196 kimonos representing the participating countries of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, each possessing a design reflecting the unique cultures and characteristics of a specific country. So far, Imagine Oneworld has created kimonos for countries including the United States, Italy, Philippines, India, Qatar, South Africa, and Brazil.

Every kimono is created by a prominent Japanese kimono craftsman and designed in the “Japanese spirit of wa, which means harmony.” The project’s ultimate goal is to promote the idea of “living peacefully together” regardless of differences that come from ethnic, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds.

Imagine Oneworld kimono project
Kimono Project Tokyo Olympic

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