40s Manga Artist Photo Goes Viral Wearing Tee Designed By Own

A well-known illustrator and manga artist Tsukigi Kosuke ツキギコウスケ (@tukigikousuke), In his 40s, he is approximately 178cm (5’10”) tall.

Although he wanted to make the T-shirt featuring rabbit design more popular, there was one problem…
He could not hire a model to put it on. After thinking about it for some time, Tsukigi decided that he would model the shirt himself.

Here he is wearing his adorable rabbit t-shirt:

Source ツキギコウスケ Tsukigi Kōsuke (@tukigikousuke)

“I’m a middle-aged male Manga artist. I couldn’t hire a model, so in my 40s, wearing the tee-shirt, I designed.”

The photo shows a beautiful, slim girl taking a selfie, no matter what angle you see that photo.

The photo received a lot of praise on social media and some bewilderment. These are some comments that it generated:

“I see. It’s nice to know that this T-shirt can be worn by men too!”

“You’re kidding me… Those legs can’t be so slender.”

“I thought my brain had gone haywire for a second… I can’t believe it. No matter how many times I look at this photo, it looks like a young woman.”

This photo shows many factors working together. The model has a beautiful figure. Tsukigi also did a fantastic job with her makeup and photography skills. The photo is sure to have inspired many!

If you want to know further about these adorable tees and are interested in buying the rabbit t-shirt, go through the link here:

Note: To have it shipped internationally, you will need to use a proxy service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express.

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