72-Year-Old Japanese Granny Is 19 Times World Bench Press Champion

You might assume that Chiyomi Sawa is just another 72-year-old grandmother if you pass her on the street. However, her petite and rotund frame could be mistaken for being fat. she is a 19-time World Bench Press Champion.

Last October, Sawa won her 19th consecutive Championship when she lifted 100 kgs (220 pounds) to succeed in the 69-76 kilogram (152-168lb) weight class. Now, she is aiming to win her 20th consecutive title. This proves that even if the challenge is to lift a massive 100 kilos, it is never too late to acquire to try your hobbies.

Sawa was active in sports when she was younger, particularly softball. She developed a strong throwing hand and was very involved in these activities. She continued to play even after having two children, but this eventually ended when she began working as a pre-school lunch lady in her late twenties.

Chiyomi Sawa japanese bench press

She was in her 50s when she realized that her lifestyle choices had led to her becoming overweight. As the Tae Bo fad for kickboxing-style aerobics was in full swing back in the day, she decided to give it a try in hopes of improving her health.

After adding weight training to her routine, a male trainer approached her and asked to try bench pressing. Although she had assumed that bench pressing was for men, she decided to give it another try.

Everybody in the gym was stunned when Sawa (a 49-year-old overweight lunch lady) lifted 50 kilograms (110 lbs) her first attempt. She was a natural talent in weightlifting and, a few years later, she began to compete on the international stage.

Japanese bench press champion

She is still going strong at 72 years old, having won 19 championships and broken several world records. She found more time to compete in the sport after quitting her job as a lunch lady.

Sawa told the media that she was considering quitting lifting weights after her 20th win. However, she won’t decide until she has made it. She had previously stated in her 50s that she would not lift weights until she was 60. We can’t rule out that there will be more competitions over the years.

Chiyomi sawa bench press champion


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