A 35-Year-Old Man Has Married The Doll Of Virtual Singer

Hurted Heart and painful behaviors brings mess in each and everyones life . Human relationships can be messy and stress-inducing, particularly if you have a history of being hurt by others . However, would you ever give up the hope of human companionship in favour of committing yourself body and soul to a doll? And not just any doll, but the likeness of a famous ‘virtual singer’?

This is the bold leap one bloke from Japan has taken, wedding himself to a small doll with aquamarine hair and eyes the size of fried eggs.

Many of us fall for our significant other’s quick wit or philosophical outlook on life. Sometimes it can be the everyday gestures of kindness which hint of how a lifetime with them would be one well spent. However, for Akihiko Kondo (近藤顕彦), his love story differs somewhat from the norm….

The 35-year-old was reportedly bullied by female superiors at his work ten years ago. Speaking as somebody who was bullied while at school, I can sympathise with how this sort of nasty behaviour can affect you emotionally for years to come; particularly when forming friendships and relationships.

But for Akihiko, the bullying had a much more profound effect, reportedly leading to his suspension from work. In the ten years which followed, he experienced trauma as a result of his ordeal, which even led to him losing trust in women in general.

Despite having difficulties interacting with living, breathing women, Akihiko developed a strong feeling of romantic connection to virtual singer Hatsune Miku.

During times of unhappiness, it was Hatsune’s music which helped him through; leading him to fall head over heels for her. For those – like myself – who are unfamiliar with the confusing concept of virtual singers, I will do my absolute best to explain.

Despite her fame in Japan, Hatsune Miku isn’t a ‘real’ star in the way Beyonce or Taylor Swift is a star. Indeed, she is actually a Vocaloid software voicebank modelled from the vocal samples of voice actress Saki Fujita.

Hatsune’s appearance is an anthropomorphised anime character with pigtails, an image which has inspired various merchandise, including a range of dolls.

Despite Hatsune not actually existing outside of her fandom’s imagination, Akihiko knew this was the gal for him; marrying a doll version of her in a full blown ceremony. In attendance were 39 wedding guests; including relatives, friends and even a member of parliament.

Akihiko wore a white suit, while Hatsune wore a traditional lace wedding gown and veil. Akihiko could be seen beaming with joy in the wedding pictures which showed him cutting the cake, sipping champers and even showing off his wedding ring.

Taking to Twitter after the ceremony, the new groom tweeted:

Thank you very much for receiving a lot of blessings reply. It was a wedding prepared for about half a year, so I am relieved to be able to finish safely.

Thank you once again for the people who attended, the people of the ceremony hall, and those who supported us.
congratulate him !!

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