Adorable Shiba Inu Takes Over Toddler’s Toy

Owaki describes Ringo-kun as the older “brother” Shiba Inu who is more addicted to toys than his own daughter.
Ringo-kun lives with Owaki, his wife and their one year old daughter. He became a big brother following the birth of Owaki’s daughter in March 2019.

Recently, the Owaki family bought a new toy for their daughter. The toy involves a ball or a car sliding down ramps via gravity. Owaki’s daughter seemed to be enjoying the toy, when suddenly, Ringo-kun appeared and began to play alongside her.

Ringo-kuns addiction to toys is shown when his body twitches and tingles as he watches the rolling balls. He follows the ball as it rolls down the track and is seen playing alongside his little sister by trying to stop the ball with his front paws.

People took to twitter to comment on the cute sight of the two playing together and their sibling-like appearance.

Despite Ringo-kun taking over his sister’s toy, she seemed to be happy to see her older brother having fun. Ringo-kun may be her reliable and responsible older brother, but he is still, and always will be, a child at heart.

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