Clever Anti-Scalper Strategies implemented in Japanese Stores

Anti-Scalper policies are in place to make sure they are not sold to scalpers but instead go to Pokemon Trainers or mobile suit enthusiasts. 

It would be reasonable to assume that anime and video game-related merchandise buyers are anime and game enthusiasts. What does the average person need with the latest, for example? Pokemon Cards or the most recent Gundam plastic model kit?

However, many people who buy these items don’t have the burning desire to save humanity from Neo Zeon’s tyranny. Instead, they are grabbing fan-oriented items, and cold hard cash is the only thing that lights their hearts. Resell Online at a good profit due to the scarcity of resellers.

As the demand for entertainment at home has increased, this problem has only grown. It’s not easy to put in suitable countermeasures. People who buy multiples of the same item for personal use can be affected by severely limiting their purchase quantities. For example, a parent might buy more than one to support more children.

They are also less effective as resellers can make multiple trips to different shops and max out at each one. A pre-registration online could help. However, resellers can create multiple accounts, which is a sure thing. This would be a hassle for real fans.The best plan does not hurt resellers but doesn’t have any adverse effects on personal-use customers. Is there a better solution? Mickey, A toy shop in Nagoya, might have come up with a fantastic solution.

You’ll find a notice on Mickey’s new arrivals shelf housing Gunpla plastic models for RX-178 Gundam Mk. II MVFX08 Eclipse Gundam. Resellers will not be happy reading this notice.

“To purchasers of plastic models:
As a countermeasure against resellers, specific Gundam models, and other low-inventory items, at the time of purchase, the staff will open the interior part pouches and cut away a portion of the plastic runners.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

If you don’t know much about plastic model terminology, this article will help. The runner is a kind of frame that holds together a sheet of model parts. This is an example of a Gundam model piece array still attached to its runners.

The first thing to do when assembling a model kit is to remove the runners. Mickey saves customers time and effort by doing this work themselves at the point of purchase. The model kit is technically considered a used item, even though it never leaves the shop, even though if its out for a few seconds.

A couple of cut runners doesn’t affect anyone who had plans to put together the kit at home. Hence, the price becomes low ecause the equipment is no longer “new”. Anyone buying the kit to make a profit on the flip is now taking a greater risk. They may decide Mickey isn’t the right place to fish for a product.

A branch of Yodobashi Camera implemented a similar strategy. A notice put this up to stop scalpers of Pokemon Trading cards of the game Sword and Shield-Chilling Reign expansion.


“Notice regarding box purchases of Pokémon card game cards
To allow as many customers as possible to make purchases, we are implementing countermeasures against resellers. If you are purchasing a box of cards, the shrink wrap will be removed before you are given your purchase.”

Online commenters have praised both stores’ policies, and they should be commended for helping to ensure that the cards and kits get into the hands of those who will enjoy them.

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