At Honest Look At The Inside Of A Dirty Japanese Love Hotel

No matter what kind of unique or interesting location you can think of in the world, there’s every chance that photographer Bob Thissen has already documented it or will be heading there soon.

His photosets contain an incredible selection of images spanning 10 years from all 4 corners of the globe. He’s photographed warships in France, car graveyards in Sweden, the soviet circus in Moldova, movie sets in Morocco, baikonur in Russia, even abandoned amusement parks as far as South Korea.

Today we wanted to take a look at his series shot deep inside an abandoned love motel on the outskirts of Tokyo. A place where love, sex and happiness once flowed freely, only for the good times to fade into hazy (and now forgotten) memories. In its heyday, couples could choose from extravagant rooms each with their own different theme. Bizarrely you could opt to get hot and heavy in feudal Japan or in boudoirs that look like they’re straight out of the Middle Ages.

The hotels main clients were couples in the capital who simply didn’t have the space or privacy at home to get intimate. Each room was originally rented on an hourly basis, with the most expensive rooms being those with those most opulent and interesting interiors.

At Honest Look At The Inside Of A Dirty Japanese Love Hotel


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