Awesome Japanese Cosplay And Fetssh Designer Releases Bunny Girl and Nurse Hybrid Swimsuit


Cosplay model and designer Moira Design has been on a recent roll of producing “Sukumizu”, short for “sukuru mizugi” or “school swimsuit” in Japanese, with a variety of designs suited for cosplay, fun, and even fetish based on the classic design of swimsuits used at Japanese schools.

In recent years they’ve helped create a “nerd and fetish” gakuran school uniform swimsuit and a Chinese dress-inspired model.

Clearly not content to settle for just one aesthetic with their newest release, Moira Design is combining two popular styles with their latest endeavor, the Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit. It is, as the name suggests, a hybrid of a bunnygirl and nurse cosplay, which you can also hit the beach or pool with if you’re feeling adventurous.

The full set comes equipped with a pair of furry and realistic bunny ears and a cutesy rabbit tail on the back, with a more exaggerated take on the nurse gown embroidery. It was based on illustrative design by Riri A. While you might feel this to be a bit too over-the-top to hit the pool with, Moira Design is also a publisher of cosplay photo albums, so their products are largely a hit with professional cosplayers and models, many of which already enjoy posing in nurse and bunnygirl outfits–hence the combination piece. The outfit is available in black and white, and is also sold in individual pieces to be combined with other outfits as well.

While the suit is only available in sizes small and medium, the elastic stretch material allows it to be worn comfortably by people between 145 cm and 170 cm.

The Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit is currently available for order online at eccentric bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard for 25,000 yen ($223.90), although items in the ensemble can be ordered individually for cheaper. Village Vanguard only ships within Japan, but Moira Design items can also be ordered sometimes on Amazon. Their official site currently is sold out.

Due to popularity of the release, previous swimsuits are also once again available at Village Vanguard.

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