Beautiful Muslim Women Inspired By Japanese Fashion

The colourful cutesy world of Japanese culture has permeated around the world in the form of TV shows, fashion, toys, anime, video games and film. Whether it’s a Hello Kitty stationary or the latest wacky gameshow, the quirky influence of the Japan is seemingly ever present in Western culture.

However, once part of the world where its influence isn’t quite so pronounced is the Middle East and Muslim countries – often considered a little more conservative and modest in their dress and media.

But all that might be changing thanks to two Muslim girls called Noor and Alyssa – who have merged their traditional Muslim hijab with elements of those popular and eye-catching Japanese lolita costumes.

Their unique outfits (whilst respectful of their culture and religious principles) showcase that being creative and having fun is a universal quality, no matter which part of the world you live in.

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