Best 5 Japanese Theme Parks To Enjoy Halloween

Enjoy the Halloween season at Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan, and other locations with special events, food, and activities.

Japan embraces Halloween like almost any other place, and maybe better than some! October is a month where you can dress up in your favorite scary costume, and no one will call you out. Covid-19 canceled many celebrations, including the Shibuya Halloween Extravaganza in Shibuya and the bizarre Kawasaki costume parade. With 70% of people already vaccinated on the first dose and 60% fully vaccinated this year, it looks like things will be a lot scarier but while celebrating the scary festival.

Japan’s theme parks have begun to expand their capacities in response to the end of the state of emergency. Even better, they are bringing back Halloween celebrations. Here are some theme parks that will allow you to get into the Halloween spirit this fall, including Disneyland in Tokyo and Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan.

Tokyo Disneyland

Photo: Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland had to cancel its Halloween celebrations last year. But they are making a comeback. The daytime parade features float decorated in cobwebs, pumpkins and steered by ghost-themed characters. You can also find exclusive souvenirs featuring ghost Mickey, as well as a variety of Halloween-inspired food like maple pumpkin churros or a fried chicken and apple sandwich served with an orange bun.

You can also get limited quantities of the Halloween Morning Pass (¥13,000) that will be available October 25-29. If you own this pass, you can enter the premises at 8.30 am, two hours earlier than everyone else.

Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo

Photo: Sanrio Puroland

Contrary to previous years when Sanrio Puroland donned black and white for Halloween, this year’s Halloween has a pumpkin patch in bright autumn colors. Both theatre shows have taken on Halloween, and all characters are wearing pumpkin costumes. Only until October 31, you’ll be able to meet Hello Kitty, Cinnamon roll, and Pom Pom Purin, as well as their friends. The rainbow hall, located on the third floor, is ideal for a photo with pumpkin motifs and orange flowers.

Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

You’ll find characters such as Elmo and the Minions dressed up in Halloween costumes while staff give out candy to children who ask for it. In the evening, there will be a frightening parade of zombies that starts at 6 pm.

There are two Halloween attractions. There are two Halloween attractions. One features a haunted house with yokai, and the other is a Sherlock Holmes-themed horror theater.

It would be best not to miss the Halloween treats since they’re a big part of the event. They have a special pitch-black Halloween churro, a green Frankenstein-inspired hotdog, and tons more!\

Photo: Universal Studios Japan

You can complete your visit by staying overnight at the horror-themed Puzzle Room located at the Hotel Universal Port Vita, right next to the park (available from October 15 through February 27). However, theme park events are open until November 7.

Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki

The scenery at this theme park in Nagasaki looks like an old Dutch village, with colorful houses and canals. This autumn, the entire park will be illuminated with an autumn-themed light show. To save ¥500 on your entry fee, we recommend that you dress up in costume. Also, don’t forget to mention ‘trick’ at certain shops for some sweets.

Photo: Huis Ten Bosch

Take a stroll outside Palace Huis Ten Bosch for an evening adorned with 3,000 Jack-o-lanterns. This is three times more than in previous years. You can also purchase souvenirs and food inspired by Halloween in Harbor Town. It will last until November 3.

Legoland Japan Resort, Nagoya

Legoland Japan

The Halloween season is a great time to have your children dress up in costumes at Legoland. They will also receive sweets from the friendly staff. To win a set of Lego blocks, visit Legoland with your child on a weekend or holiday. You can stop by for a bite and enjoy the special Halloween food menu. This includes ghost-themed soft serve, mummy Hotdogs, a spooky stew, and many other options.

Legoland Japan

This workshop will teach children how to make accessories for Halloween costumes, including cat ears, bows, crowns, bows, glasses, and headphones using Lego. To participate in the workshop, you need to make reservations a minimum of one week before your visit. This event will last Until November 3.


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