Calgary Zoo’s Japanese Macaque Dies During Habitat Introduction

After the monkeys who were going to be his companions in the habitat became hostile, a Japanese macaque monkey was killed at Calgary Zoo.

According to the zoo, Kyubi the 4-year-old monkey, suffered severe injuries on Friday when he was introduced to his new habitat mates.


The male monkey was at the zoo from the spring. The animal care, health, and welfare team worked on a safe, slow introduction plan for the past half a year to allow Kyubi to be integrated with other female macaques Lorie, Loki, Shawna, Suki, Sachi, and Mika.

Japanese Macaque dead

According to the zoo, the staff members and the veterinarian team made “heroic efforts” to take care of Kyubi in the hope that he would recover from his injuries.

In their Website Post, the zoo stated that although rare, introduction deaths can also occur in the wild as well as animals under human care.

“Our animal health, welfare and care team are devastated by the outcome.”


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