Camera Lost In Japan Found In Taiwan After Two Years At Sea

There’s nothing worse than the moment you realize you’ve lost your camera and all of the memories contained inside it. But on the rare occasion when it does come back to you, it makes for a damn good story. That’s exactly what happened to one tourist last week when a group of schoolchildren in Taiwan found the camera she had lost while travelling in Ishigaki, Japan, two years ago.

The elementary students had been on a beach clean-up mission when one member of the class discovered a Canon camera buried inside a waterproof box covered in barnacles. Surprisingly enough, the device was still in full working order, with the battery half-charged and the memory card filled with holiday snaps.

Looking back through the photos, the class’s teacher Park Lee discovered that the last one dated back to September 7 2015 and that the camera appeared to belong to a young woman from Japan. She then shared the pictures on Facebook in attempt to track down the rightful owner. Before long, the post had gathered thousands of re-shares around the globe and, just 30 hours after its publication, the owner was identified as Serina Tsubaki-kun, a student from the University of Tokyo.

As Tsubaki-kun confirmed, she had been on holiday on the Island of Ishigaki at the time, more than 200 kilometres east of Taiwan, where the camera was found. In a Facebook post written in English, she thanked Park Lee, stating: “I am so lucky and happy to have such a wonderful experience to feel the kindness of people.” Tsubaki-kun now plans to visit Taiwan to be reunited with the lost item and to meet the students and teacher who traced her.

image – park lee

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