Coca-Cola Japan Releases First Ever Strawberry Coke

At the point when Coca-Cola Japan isn’t enhancing their containers with wonderful cherry bloom names, they appear to present regular arrivals of “world firsts”, as they as of late did with the first since forever peach and apple seasoned Coca-Cola. Beginning January twentieth, they’ll be adding another first to their resume with the world’s first strawberry seasoned Coca-Cola.

The new kind of Coke is promoted with the motto “Drink a strawberry prize”, and adds a sweet strawberry flavor to the great Coca-Cola equation. Strawberries are a well known occasional treat during Japanese winter, so its being discharged as a restricted version regular flavor. It’s pink and red mark is adorned with a bubbly strawberry.

The strawberry seasoned Coca-Cola will go marked down all through Japan beginning January twentieth temporarily, so make certain to chase it down in the event that you need to check out it.

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