CRYPTON Has New Licensing Policy For Monetization Of Their Vocaloid Characters

The famous vocaloids, Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Meiko, Kaito and Luka Megurine, are now available for YouTubers to monetize content from if they agree to the parent company CRYPTON’s new licensing policy.

Crypton Licensing Policy

If they meet the requirements for licensing, YouTubers are eligible to apply to join an application to join the YouTube Partner Program. By doing this, they will be granted access to numerous lucrative features of the program.

It will also exclude any content that has copyrights from third parties. Additionally, users should be aware of the fact that this does not just prevent these contents from being monetized but also violates the terms of the licensing agreement.

Crypton licensing policy

Piapro character license (PCL)

Character usage guidelines

CRYPTON has been positive and has supported new content creators ever since the beginning of the PCL launch in 2009. The new licensing system designed to enable monetization will broaden the options for numerous content creators!

Vocaloid characters first appeared more than ten years ago. However, the enthusiasm of the fans and their love for the characters haven’t diminished even a little.


Source: Grape

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