These Japanese Furnitures From Dinos are Cat-Friendly

Cats are curious creatures and many people share their homes with them. Although they may act distant, most house cats are eager to be around us, even if it’s to observe what we do.

To help these felines a Japanese retailer Dinos has come up with creative designs for tables for both humans and cats to enjoy being around each other together.

The oak table has a perch under it and a hole at the top. This gives your cat a place to rest their head and lets them peek up through the hole whenever they feel like checking up on you.

This thoughtful design creates a fun environment for your cat to play with, or just to keep an eye on you as you do your stuff. The hole in the middle allows you to eat at the table while your cat is away from your food. If you don’t want your cat to be with you, you can simply cover the hole with the lid. This will transform the furniture into a regular table.

The cat table is functional and stylish for you and your pet. Each table is handmade in Japan by skilled artisans and comes in two colors: dark brown and natural. Dinos also offers furniture to match the table such as a bench or cat tree.

Do your cats always want to be near you? This furniture will allow your cat to join you at the table.

Dinos, a Japanese retailer, designed the cat table.

It has a perch under and a hole at the middle of it, so your cat can be in the center of everything going on.

You can cover the hole with a lid if you don’t want your cat to join you at the table.

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