Photographer Captures Small Yet Utterly Delightful Buildings In Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, may be well known for its grand old temples and stately imperial villas, but one long-time resident decided to shine the spotlight on the beauty of the city’s more humble architecture.

About a year ago, photographer and founder of Kyoto Journal magazine, John Einarsen, began shooting an Instagram series called “Small Buildings of Kyoto” on his iPhone during his daily bicycle journeys around town. He has since taken over 200 images of homes, businesses, workshops, as well as the odd neighborhood shrine and teahouse — each one brimming with personality and charm. We told him we really ought to compile a book out of some of these photos. And that’s just what he did.

#1 Red Roses On A Gray Day

#2 Home On Big Street

#3 Small Clothing Shop In Traditional Home

#4 Cut Salon Nagahara

#5 Odds-And-Ends Carpenter On Horikawa St

#6 Kyoto Tsukemono (Pickle) Shop

#7 Neighborhood Jizo Shrine With Cd To Keep Away The Crows

#8 Aji-No-Tatehara Is Popular For Their Croquettes (West Of Kyoto Station)

#9 Airing Out Futon

#10 Blue Cut House

#11 Shop Front

#12 House With Hydrangeas

#13 Kotobuki Industries

#14 Hair Salon Yamashita

#15 Corner Garden

#16 Potted Plants

Source:Bored Panda

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