Elderly Japan’s Workers Are Now Wearing Exosuits That Make Them Stronger

With the aid of high-tech robotic suits, more elderly Japanese workers are now taking on labor-intensive jobs previously handled by younger, abled bodies.

Postponing retirement and continuing to work well into old age are not unusual things to do for many Japanese people. For a country with an increasingly aging population, Japan has depended on modern technology to allow its citizens to remain productive members of society for much longer.

These senior citizen members of the workforce are now wearing exoskeleton suits that boost their strength and stamina, reports the New Scientist.

While a long ways from the mech suits from science fiction films, these wearable “robot suits” are as yet noteworthy. Weighing under 10 pounds, these suits can assist lift with increasing to 55 pounds.
Prior exoskeleton models were worked to avoid wounds to laborers in distribution centers yet the development has demonstrated to be very valuable in supporting the handicapped and more established individuals.

This advancement has enlivened a few Japanese organizations to buy or make a comparable bit of tech to help laborers in doing the truly difficult work.

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