Hidden In The Hills Of Hokkaido Is A Beautiful Heart-Shaped Lake

Lake Toyoni, tucked away in a remote corner of Japan’s Hokkaido island, has evolved from a hidden treasure to a must-see tourism destination. This freshwater lake is surrounded by a thick forest that is beautiful in and of itself, but the lake is known for its distinctive shape—a heart.

Image Credit: kei_otani_photography / Instagram

The lake takes the shape of the heart when you view it from high above. The lush greenery of the forest covers the shining blue water heart. Imagine how the lake would look during autumn or winter! After being featured in a popular Japanese television advertisement, the little lake became instant.

Aerial photographers will love Lake Toyoni, known as Kamuito, or “A Marsh Where God Lives.” It’s simple to acquire the perfect photo of the heart-shaped lake by flying a drone into the sky. There are also helicopter excursions available to give visitors a view of the lake.

Aerial views are also beneficial for another reason. Lake Toyoni is surrounded by a protected forest, which is home to a variety of wild creatures. There is also a massive population of brown bears in the area, which hikers should be careful of.

Image Source: ag.lr.88 / Instagram

Many photographers have had their work go viral after publishing a shot of Lake Toyoni, which is beautiful in any season. While its heart-shaped design is undeniably lovely and nostalgic, it’s also remarkable to consider that this body of water was formed organically.

The lake became mainstream after it was featured in a commercial in Japan.

Lake Toyoni Hokkaido

Image Source: ag.lr.88 / Instagram

Lake Toyoni is a tiny freshwater lake whose lovely shape is revealed when photographed from the air.


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