Hungry Hippos Chow Down On Whole Watermelons At A Zoo In Japan

Everyone has their favorite snack that they like to treat themselves to now and again. For me, it’s always been fresh strawberries. My grandpa grew them on his own farm before I was born, so I guess the craving must have seeped into my gene pool along the line. Whatever your own preference might be, whether it’s sweet or savory, there’s just no denying the mouthwatering happiness you feel when you finally get to chow down.

We humans aren’t the only ones who love to pamper our tastebuds with palate-pleasing nibbles, of course. Our animal buddies have just as much of an appetite for scrumptious food, if not more so depending on the species. For example, the Palm Beach Zoo always makes sure to commemorate their critters’ birthdays with a special “cake” made just for them out of their favorite goodies.

The Biopark Zoo in Japan also makes a point of sharing yummy snacks with their animals on a regular basis, too. Here, they show how well some of their bigger beauties live up to the idea behind one of my favorite games as a kid: Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Standing next to one of the cuties, the hippo instantly recognizes the watermelon waiting in her caretaker’s hand. While most of us would need to slice that up before taking a bite, they have no problem eating the whole thing in one satisfying mouthful! It really is like watching a real-life version of the game, but with fruit instead of marbles.

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