Incredible Things About Japan Proves That They Live In 3018

Rice paddy art is quite amazing

Japan has created a quite stir on the internet with its overly developed nation and perfectly advanced infrastructure has made the competitors fall and learn from their ethics and organization. Well, rice paddy art has been created by planting rice with a famous image and it is quite popular in Japan.

A mini McDonald’s

Well, you might have known MacDonald food and had been going over there over years but you already have traveled a lot to eat your favorite food. Looks like this has been giving a chance to keep your favorite one nearby, with a mini restaurant.

Capsule hotel

You might struggle to have all that stuff from the hotel and it seems like this capsule type hotel is providing all the stuff for their guest with much organization.

Indoor waterpark!

Well, the only thing that bothers everyone is to cover up ourselves from the hard-hitting sun when we are diving into the water, and it seems like the dream has come true. This Seagaia Ocean Dome is probably one of the world’s largest indoor waterpark.

Quite a light though!

Seems like Japan is taking a next level education and we should probably be jealous of because they leave no stone to impress anyone. Lights on the commode and stylish with advanced infrastructure is quite impressive though!

Child no problem, well child holder!

Most moms are going to be in relief because they are the most suffering one, who works daily 24/7 to take care of their kids and seems like Japan knows the suffering the parents go through during vacation, so made this up with much creativity.

And expectation turns into reality!


This expectation game is making us jealous because whenever we tried to order favorite stuff it comes into serious disappointment which makes us think twice in believing.

Robots as a staff

This hotel might surely be quite pricey but the technology is quite vast though and they have given the new age of modern technology with robotics staff, probably an amazing one!

This amazing vending machine

You would probably go to the stall to buy umbrella and it seems like even this country has got some amazing creativity to buy an umbrella. This vending machine sells though!

Smart though!

Bra could this creativity was totally out of syllabus and it seems like you can probably have such type of security. Well, this smart bra knows what women feel and would open up for someone special. Totally Stunning!o These type of technology is surely necessary for every country and they probably live in 3018.